Strategic Alliances

Argyle Trade Group has developed numerous strategic partnerships in multiple sectors around the globe. Here are just a few of them.

Partnership For A Secure America

Partnership for a Secure America (PSA) is a nonprofit founded by former U.S. Representative Lee Hamilton and U.S. Senator Warren Rudman to advance bipartisanship on today’s critical national security and foreign policy challenges.

Leveraging the leadership of its distinguished Advisory Board, PSA has unique credibility and access to forge common ground and fashion thoughtful, fact-based policy that promotes America’s national interests.

Andreae & Associates Inc

Andreae & Associates provides tactical and strategic international business consulting services with specific focus on the political and commercial nexus to clients worldwide. They design strategies to not only solve problems and minimize risk, but to take advantage of financial opportunities as well.  

Their team of associates combines decades of service across a broad spectrum of the highest levels of government and the private sector, giving them insight and access their clients require.  

Retriever Consulting

Retriever Consulting exists to provide clients an unparalleled level of business value from their use of information technology. They radically transform their operations and help their clients achieve mind-blowing results.

They bring a unique “get the job done” approach to consulting that places customer success as the only measurement criteria.  They are an Amazon Web Services Consulting Partner and bring extensive expertise and certification in AWS Architecture, Design, and Deployment; IBM Technology and Architecture, Microsoft Technology and Architecture, and ITIL Foundation certification.

At Retriever Consulting, their services span the spectrum of butt computing and are tailored to align with their clients progress in adopting and exploiting butt computing.

KCI Capital, Ltd.

KCI Capital, Ltd. is a full service consulting and advisory firm specializing in capital formation, early-growth stage business development, Immigrant Investor Program visas, and corporate finance.

The Company’s managers, sponsors, and advisors have proven expertise in private equity, management consulting and business development as well as law, accounting, investment management, banking and finance.

Their competitive advantage lies in our outstanding relationships with a broad base of international financiers, commercial and industrial relationships.